Religion - Oonouyugh

Name................ Oonouyugh
Association......... God of Pestilence and Decay
Realms/Patronage.... Disease, Rot of the world
Symbols and Signs... Mushroom
Animal or Avatar.... Vulture
Ethos............... Chaotic
Alignment........... Evil

The god Oonouyugh is a relative unknown, for only recently has his name come to the surface world of Ayreon. A large band of adventurers, seeking treasures and magics farther and deeper than any surfacers had ever gone before: a merely handful of these came back with horrific tales of mind- bending telepathic squids, ferocious fungi-like beings, and cult-like followings of drow who pursued them all the way to the light of day. Unfortunately, none of these adventurers live today, as all of them, one by one, succumbed to diseases and curses never seen before in this world.

Sages and their hirelings have ventured into the deep to confirm the stories brought to them, and have shown at least that a dark god, a god of disease and decay, is the object of worship among a number of the Underdark denizens. This god they have designated as Oonouyugh, and it would appear that It has been active in the world for a very long time. Only now is Its presence becoming known, much to the dismay of Ayreonians, who for aeons have suffered at the hands of Kulthis and Sscis. Oonouyugh's minions, on the other hand, are few and far between, and can easily be spotted by the symbols they wear, or the diseases that constantly afflict them.