Clan - Tarealen

Clan Item......... The Dunkelheart
Clan Location..... The Sewers below New Midgaard
Clan Align........ Evil/Neutral
Clan Membership... Non-goods; high elves barred

Expect the unexpected from a shadow. Seldom visible to the rest of the world Tarealen has made a name as the most unreliable partner in the history of Ayreon. They have broken virtually any treaty as soon as it was to their advantage, the only true goal they pursue being the accumulation of power. The clan has thus grownto be a thorn in the side of all that seek to live unified, including those living under the light of goodly Arduna, the Ofcolians. They are the only ones who can truly see behind the curtain of shadow and thus they are the primary targets for these masters of delusion.

Being a center for all who wish to gain in power, Tarealen stands open to any evil or neutral person useful enough for the dark clan and the spread of their rule. Only high elves, because of their strong cultural distaste for base ideals, and good aligns will not (and cannot) apply.

Be forewarned - a Tarealen in the group can be a hazardous experiment, but one may have to find out for himself.

Clan Powers

Perfidious Moves    Sense Item        Shadow Eye