Profession Category - Warriors

Warriors make their way in the world by the strength of their muscles and the swiftness of their swords. They are experts with weapons and often are masters of strategy. The principal attribute of a warrior is strength, as he needs to lift and use his weapons and carry the weight of his armor for long periods. Good scores in dexterity and constitution also are desirable.


Adrenal Moves           Area Attack             Armorlore            
Axe                     Bash                    Berserk
Bow                     Combat Tactics          Counter
Dagger                  Disarm                  Dodge
Enhanced Damage         Fasthealing             Flail
First Aid               Fourth Attack           Guard
Hand to hand            Intimidate              Kick
Mace                    Maneuver in Armor       Parry
Polearm                 Recall                  Rescue
Second Attack           Shield Block            Shieldwall
Shoot                   Sling                   Spear
Staff                   Stunned Maneuver        Sword
Third Attack            Trade                   Twohanded
Warcry                  Weaponlore

Available Careers

Amazon                  Assassin                Barbarian
Gladiator                Mercenary               Monk
Noble                   Outlaw                  Samurai