Career Category - Gladiator

The gladiators are the typical fighters participating in combat practised on a professional base. They fight to fight, not to kill. Combat is their livelihood and there is no weapon, no dirty trick in a fight they would not know of. Having learned all basic styles of combat and later on excelling in the fields of weapons and even gathering knowledge on how to hit an opponent, the gladiator is a true brave warrior. Nonetheless the gladiators have one drawback: They do not rely on defences or tactics. This does include that they refuse to use any form of shield. Actually some do, but their unpractised use of the tool of defence could be compared to a wizard's kind of grip. Ferocious and dangerous to the point of all-out attack it is their way to quickly cut the opponent into pieces with whatever weapon they find in their reach.


Blind Fighting          Brawling                Critical Strike
Deadlock                Dirt Kick               Exotic
Headbutt                Martial Arts            Presence
Riposte                 Ropemastery             Two Weapon Combo
Weaponsmastery          Whip