Clan - Lokatar

Clan Item......... The Blutstein
Clan Location..... The Dark Continent
Clan Align........ Evil (Lawful)
Clan Membership... Evils only; dragonninjas are disallowed

The history of Lokatar is far too long to mention in this short space. The clan of the same name promotes the sinister ideals of their land to the far corners of the globe, seeking to spread their version of order through coercion and domination, and failing that, through death. They welcome help from peoples of all aligns, using them as they can to their ends, but are hostile to the clan known as Antheum. If crossed, however, they have a long memory, and have been known to be quite unforgiving.

Only evils may enter the ranks of the Dark Crusaders. Help from outside is always welcome, if not sometimes sought, but only so far as that help furthers the malevolent goals of their homeland.

Clan Powers

Army of Darkness    Aura of Glass    Dark Soul
Robe of Darkness