Religion - Morruin

Name................ Morruin
Association......... God of Death and Dreams
Realms/Patronage.... Death, Dreams
Symbols and Signs... A broken wheel
Animal or Avatar.... Raven
Ethos............... Neutral
Alignment........... Neutral

The eldest legends of man and elf suggest that it was Morruin who was the first of the Areldur to open his eyes and look upon the world. For a long time thereafter he wandered, contemplating his existence, his purpose, and what his relationship to the world was to be. He was to remain like this for ages to come, wandering and pondering, until by some chance he came upon a bird in misery -- many believe a raven -- striken to the bone and teeming with sores and rendings of the flesh from which it could not escape. He was then resolved to take on the mantle which has ever been his alone to bear.

Few people venerate the god, let alone worship him, so fearful are the many of what may come beyond the end of life. Nonetheless people the world over do pay homage to the god, if not to ask for a stay of death, then to be granted an afterlife filled with peace. Symbols and signs of Morruin, then, are found in and around places of death, and shrines to the god are likewise near final resting places.

Morruin's priests take the business of death very seriously, and oppose both those who would sully the grave and those who would use the dead for ill purposes. His monks likewise feel death is their duty, and when the time has come for a body, they are quick to deal it out, mercilessly and without passion. For this reason people quickly move away from a known follower of Morruin, for it is said that he speaks to them in dreaming, and the arrival of one of his minions portends the end of someone nearby.