Below we list a number of links useful both to players and to builders alike. Most of these links lead offsite. Please feel free to submit suggestions to Anasadi online.

Name Generators

Having writer's block trying to come up with a unique name? There are several name generators on the web at your disposal. A good one can be found at, which has names rules for real world locales (e.g. Japan, America), for objects and ideas, and for fantasy races. Look for the tool under the link "RPG Tools" on the left.

Another good generator is the one at rinkworks called, plainly enough, the Fantasy Name Generator. It deals more or less with just fantasy names. Pokemon™ included.

You may find a couple of other name generators useful as well. One is the fantasy name generator developed by Phillip Riley. Another is Gamewyrd's Random Name Generator.

Of course, if you don't mind paying for the privilege, Anasadi highly recommends a name generator he uses, The Everchanging Book of Names..


DoA has its own mapper through the It is a fully functional map maker, allowing for multiple levels, single exits, zoom, and more. The maps are fairly basic, but graphical.

Another mapper is the ASCII MapMaker by Epsen Austad. The mapper is more advanced than Dawn's AreaEd mapper, and includes colors, lettering, and diagonal directions (northeast, southwest, etc.). It also is graphical, but it allows users to save the map to ASCII format.


DoA does not exist alone in the universe (alas!) but is one small realm among many. There are two sites devoted to discussing MUDs, their coding, the ethics, their player bases, and so on, and numerous other sites devoted either role playing games in general or to different worlds altogether. We provide links to the two sites.

The first is the The Mud Connector, a website devoted to any and all games that call themselves MUDs. It has games listings, forums, resources for players and immortals alike, reviews, and more. DoA has two listings there, one for the MUD itself, and one for a book on building called On Writing Areas.

DoA also is listed at Top Mud Sites, a site equally dedicated to MUDs and their players, but whose chief claim to fame is the well-known MUD Rankings. You will also find forums, reviews, and lists of other MUDs there. On DoA's main page you will find a link leading to Top Mud Sites - a click on the link is a vote for DoA as one of the Internet community's best MUDs!