Clan - Callador

Clan Item......... The Kampfhelm
Clan Location..... Korum
Clan Align........ Any
Clan Membership... Any except wizards and dragonninjas; see below

The clan of Callador is housed in the marvellous city of Korum, a place renown for its warrior traditions. Calladorians are a society of strong warriors who live for brawling and battle. They tend to be rough, but will respect those who stand and fight, and enjoy camaraderie with those willing to shell out a few coins for beer. Callador considers itself the protector of Korum and defends it from outsiders who seek to gain supremacy over the region. Vorgen is the clan's patron god, who encourages his warriors into battle and enjoys a good beheading or two. Conflict is the philosophy of the clan. This philosophy often puts them at odds with clan Pentacle, whose members prefer cool thought over hot-blooded physical duress.

The clan is open to any alignment and most professions excepting wizards, necromancers and all priests but Vorgen's. Dragonninjas, too, are barred from this clan.

Clan Powers

Adrenalize          Fury              Last Stand