Clan - Judges

Clan Item......... Digna's Book of Justice
Clan Location..... New Thalos
Clan Align........ Any
Clan Membership... Any except for rogues and those considered "unjust"

The clan of Judges is held in high esteem by most citizens inhabiting the world's major cities. They are a powerful clan, made that way by Digna and the other gods to keep the peace, and to keep normal citizens safe from the wars waged constantly by the other clans. They may even enter the hideouts of the other clans to pursue anyone who breaks the laws of the cities. Because they are bound by duty to protect all within their jurisdictions, they must remain neutral in all clan disputes, intervening only when such disputes pour over into the cities.

Note that this protection towards all does not extend to criminals and others considered "unjust". Necromancers, skaven, outlaws and others by definition fall under this latter category.

Note also that Judges are very powerful. Attacking a Judge within his jurisdiction is considered not only foolish, but deadly as well.

No followers of Sscis, Oonouyugh or Jorrod may join the Judges. No rogue or necromancer may join the Judges. No skaven or daemon may join the Judges. All others are not so restricted.

Clan Powers

Eye of Digna        Force of Justice    Sentence