Clan - Antheum

Clan Item......... The Sonnstein
Clan Location..... Ishikawa
Clan Align........ Good (Chaotic)
Clan Membership... Goods only; necromancers and dragonninjas are disallowed

The members of clan Antheum are dedicated to the annihilation of all evil found on the face of Ayreon. They are, unfortunately, a bit too zealous in their desire to rid the world of evil, oftentimes coming to odds with others who, too, would gladly see a land free of wickedness and dark perversion. Members of the Inquisition even frown on peoples of neutral alignment, thinking they are but one step away from evil, which is one step too close. They also expect anyone of good alignment to help them defeat evil whenever their assistance is required.

Antheum accepts any good aligns into their ranks. Neutrals needn't apply, and evils can just stand outside the door and wait for the next available Antheum to come out and 'greet' them...

Clan Powers

Aura of Redemption    Crusade     Inquisition
Pursue Evil