Clan - Ofcol

Clan Item......... The Rose
Clan Location..... Ofcol
Clan Align........ Good/Neutral
Clan Membership... Non-evils; crimson elves and necromancers barred

Named for the city devoted to the causes of peace and harmony, Clan Ofcol is charged with maintaining these causes, spreading the word of the city to all corners of Ayreon. Founded by Lord Avedon centuries ago (and some say with a bit of help by the Goddess of Enlightenment herself, Arduna), the knights of Ofcol come from all walks of life, from templars to rangers, from wizards to thieves, all devoted to using their powers to heal the wounded and to defend the weak. No one but knights of Ofcol can say for sure what their true ends are, but it is said they seek ultimate enlightenment for all. Rumors abound, however, that the knighthood is not always set on healing and harmony: there are some who say they are really the guardians against the darker shadows of the world, those bogeymen and assassins who slip past less watchful eyes to quietly wreak havoc in the world. Ofcolians are known to be able to see even the most hidden details, and accounts abound of the errant Knight of Peace fighting and slaying things shrouded in shadow. Combat prowess such as that attributed to the Ofcolian knight does not come from mere peacemaking.

Non-evils only may enter the the halls Ofcol with welcome arms. Others such as necromancers, crimson elves, and priests of Anue may not apply.

Clan Powers

Moonbalm            Mooncloak         Moonglow