Clan - Pentacle

Clan Item......... The Zauberauge
Clan Location..... Belarion
Clan Align........ Any
Clan Membership... Any wizard or necromancer, and priests of Oneirion

Its tower looming high above the city of Belarion, Pentacle is the hub of most magical activity on the face of Ayreon, retaining the services of many a promising or an experienced wizard. These wizards live most of the their lives secluded within the Tower, working on forbidden experiments or researching tomes written in tongues of long dead civilisations. Sometimes, however they leave their Tower in order to explore the world, gathering information about newly discovered areas, seeking out lost artefacts and learning ways to strengthen their already formidable magical powers. Some of the common people regard them being a bit arrogant and snobby, even diabolic because of their rumored studies. Most people respect them, however, as members of Pentacle rarely intervene in the daily affairs of the ordinary world.

Membership in Pentacle consists mostly of wizards and necromancers. Priests of Oneirion may also serve in the ranks of Pentacle.

Clan Powers

Bloodmagic          Gate Travel       Mindwalk