Career Category - Monk

Masters of the arts of combat and meditation. Monks are fighting castes of certain religious orders. They must have joined a religion to develop the full potential of their powers. But even without they are awesome, disciplined fighters who have developed unique and deadly techniques of battle. Their styles are different to the mundane warriors weaponsmastery, and their hardening meditations are barely comparable with clerical defensive magic, yet it is this uniqueness which makes them such a threat. A monk can choose from an array of fighting styles one of which he seeks to perfect in his lifetime. Monks have also access to blunt weaponry as the flail or staff, and to such dreaded tools which are referred to as exotic weaponry. A master of his technique is a marvel to behold and deadly an opponent.


Acrobatics              Cast                    Cleansing
Critical Strike         Diagnostics             Fighting Style
Healing                 Inner Strength          Iron Body
Martial Arts            Mathan                  Meditation
Music                   Sing                    Strangle