Career Category - Assassin

Assassins are hired killers, thorough professionals who are expert fighters. They are expert in the use of a wide variety of weapons, and are trained to a far higher level than most warriors, footpads and other petty killers. They are also skilled in the use of poisons and the construction of traps. These skills are for hire to the highest bidder, and it is not unknown for assassins to be employed by two warring factions to assassinate the leaders of both sides. In Ayreon the assassin is one of the most potent tools in the armories of warring families, governments and religious bodies.


Assassinate             Cast                    Critical Strike
Deadly Venom            Faerie Fire             Hide
Invisibility            Locate Person           Martial Arts
Mathan                  Set Traps               Spikehole
Stalk                   Strangle                Surveillance
Sword                   Tripwire                Use Poison