Career Category - Noble

To be one of the ruling classes seems to the ordinary citizen of Ayreon to grant the right to live a life removed from the cares and struggles of ordinary men. Nobles control the land, and many have had sense to involve themselves in matters of commerce, in competition with bankers and financiers. However the younger noble families frequently have to fend for themselves when their elder brothers take over the family fortune and estates, since one of the major preoccupations of the noble class seems to be to cause harm to other members, even to those from one's own family. Many disinherited nobles turn to military life or adventuring for excitement, certainly, but many more do so because they wouldn't know what else to do. Certainly none of them would lower themselves to practice a trade, and a few tolerate the boredom of study for an academic profession. They see war as a great and glorious game, and they view getting drunk, insulting commoners and wrecking restaurants in much the same light. Nobles tend to have a short attention span, an irritating accent and an unfailing ability to rub lesser mortals up the wrong way, but they nearly always manage to sail through life almost unscathed owing to a combination of luck and the deference which their free-spending manner tends to generate in tradesmen.


Aristocracy             Bribery                 Cast
Charge                  Cleansing               Combat Tactics
Court Magician          Diagnostics             Heraldry
Honour Guard            Mathan                  Riding
Riposte                 Second Aid              Shield Bash
Shield Block            Swarm                   Weaponsmastery