Career Category - Outlaw

Outlaws are a bunch having invoked the wrath of society upon them. It is not necessarily the city they are found in, where their dubious 'career' started. Having fled their kin for one or the other reason, outlaws become experts at surviving on their own. They gain abilities to escape the clutches of the law and receive abilities making them better brawlers, a mixture of thief, warrior and a tiny part of a ranger. Combining these three professions' lesser abilities enables the outlaw to survive. As he is despised by his people, shopkeepers of the same race will not serve the outlaw, likewise justice seldom is in favour of this kind of person and all common folk view the outlaw not only with disrespect but with a certain reservation. You do not trust a person that cannot be trusted.


Brawling                Camouflage              Crack Shot
Drug Tolerance          Peek                    Ropemastery
Second Aid              Set Traps               Shield Block
Slingtrap               Spikehole               Strangle
Tarnish                 Waylay                  Weaponsmastery