Religion - Arduna

Name................ Arduna
Association......... Goddess of Insight, of Enlightenment
Realms/Patronage.... Enlightenment, Harmony
Symbols and Signs... A Four-Pointed Sun
Animal or Avatar.... Eagle
Ethos............... Neutral
Alignment........... Good

Arduna is something of an enigma in the world of gods. A power in her own right, she is the goddess of insight and enlightment, and consequently of the harmony that comes of it. She is not, however, one of the Areldur, and her coming to the world is the subject of much speculation.

The majority of Arduna's worshippers are highmen and humans, who have established a city to the north in her honor, Ardun. From there her priests have travelled south and west, establishing small churches and shrines as far as Crescent and Antagil. To commune with Arduna, however, her followers travel to Ardun, to seek the famed Oracle there.

The priests and templars of Arduna wield powers of discovery, allowing them insight into matters otherwise enshrouded by darkness. Because of this, they oftentimes are targets of beings who would prefer their presence remain unknown -- necromancers, thieves, and members of the shadowy clan Tarealen. They also compete many times with the priests of Shorkam, who believe the goddess is merely an aspect of their god, come to being when Kulthis banished his brother. Followers of Arduna do not argue with this, instead nodding and smiling and, in their own way, helping to keep the peace.