Religion - Celawyn

Name................ Celawyn
Association......... Goddess of Healing, of Peace
Realms/Patronage.... Healing, Peace
Symbols and Signs... Caduceus, sometimes an olive branch
Animal or Avatar.... Hedgehog (in Ishikawa, a swan)
Ethos............... Lawful
Alignment........... Neutral

Like her brother Vorgen, Celawyn came about after her father, Morruin, tore away those parts of himself which would inhibit his duties as god of death. She took on the more benevolent aspects of her father, and in all ways became her brother's opposite, peaceful, forgiving, actively seeking to soothe the pains of others. For this reason she is worshipped as goddess of healing, and of peace.

Temples and shrines to Celawyn can be found anywhere suffering abounds, i.e. everywhere. In Lokatar and the lands of Sscis, her movement is found underground, and in the depths of the seas the priests of Anue hold sway, but in most other places her places of worship are found in the open. Her largest followings are found in the northern reaches of the continent, in Crescent, in Ardun, and in Antagil.

Celawyn's priests are adept in the arts of healing. Like the goddess, they will never turn away a being who is suffering, even the foulest of the foul. As a result of this extreme faith, there are many who view the followers of Celawyn as weak and easy pickings: only until it is too late do they recall whose daughter Celawyn is.