Religion - Vorgen

Name................ Vorgen
Association......... God of War and Winter
Realms/Patronage.... War, Strength, Physical Prowess, the Cold North
Symbols and Signs... Axe and Skull
Animal or Avatar.... Wolf
Ethos............... Chaotic
Alignment........... Neutral

Vorgen is god of winter and war. It is said that when his father, Morruin, embraced his fate as god of the dead, he discovered he could not do so fully unless he tore away from his being the passions that might inhibit, and even overrule, the impartiality required of him. This sundering he accomplished, which resulted in the birth of two new gods, Celwayn, goddess of healing, and Vorgen.

Vorgen is popular with warriors of all nations and races. His desire, like theirs, is merely for the glory of battle and the boasting that comes with victory. His temples are likely to be found near warrior guilds, and often will be within or connected to the guilds themselves. His most numerous following is in the far south, centered around the city of Korum, where the nords and other barbarous races regard him as Father Winter.

Priests of Vorgen are so rare as to be virtually unknown. They act much as any warrior, battling, drinking, and relishing the tales of war, and thus are difficult to recognize. More common are his priest-like monks, who are more often wont to battle than to convert. The vast majority of the god's followers, however, are warriors, and they act, too, as his best mouthpiece.