Religion - Digna

Name................ Digna
Association......... Goddess of Justice, of Learning
Realms/Patronage.... Law, Justice, Investigation
Symbols and Signs... Scales (infreq. the distaff)
Animal or Avatar.... Gryphon
Ethos............... Lawful
Alignment........... Neutral

Digna is fairest of the Areldur, in mind as well as in face. She is often referred to as the Keeper of the Balance, for she holds power over the other gods as High Judge, to render opinions, advice, and verdicts when called upon by her peers. Nothing is unknown to her, and no amount of knowledge will bias her judgment. Should she deem one of her kind unworthy of their position, she may, by means of her power, strip the offender of power and force the immortal to walk the world in mortal coil, until such time she deems fit to end the punishment.

If not the most popular of the gods, Digna certainly ranks among the ones most often appealed to. Her followers are concentrated in cities and other civilized areas, where law is needed to maintain order and life. The largest such following is in Crescent, headquarters and primary home to the clan she founded in ages past, the Judges. Only in the far reaches of the Underdark, where Oonouyugh holds sway, is her influence not felt.

Digna's priests often serve in a public capacity as judges and advisors. Their goddess has granted them many a power to uncover matters, and they will often walk among the populace disguised that they might better learn the true nature of the concerns brought before them. The priests of Digna are sometimes confused with those of Arduna, so close is their affinity in ways to one another.