Religion - Kulthis

Name................ Kulthis
Association......... God of Malice and Darkness
Realms/Patronage.... Evil, Dark Curses, Blood Sacrifice
Symbols and Signs... A burning banner or flag
Animal or Avatar.... Black dragon (in Ishikawa, a boar)
Ethos............... Lawful
Alignment........... Evil

The Doombringer. The Accursed One. The Mouth of Malevolence. The Devourer Who never sleeps. These are but few of the names and titles that refer to Kulthis, Ayreon's ultimate face of evil, father and progenitor of all that is foul and perverse in the realms. He cares for every evil creature, his own dark vision of the world and the law, and uses whatever means he can to further the triumph of his cause. His tools are guile, fear, supression and outright force as well as unquestioning followers that zealously promote his agenda.

Unless one lives in the City of Infernal Darkness or among the denizens of the Underdark, one seldomly openly reveals one is a follower of the Dark God. If a church or shrine of the god is ever revealed to the leadership of a city or township, it immediately sends forces to that location and wipes it out. The reach of Kulthis is widespread, hidden among secret enclaves and cults spread across the continent, but unless they are within the near-grasp of Lokatar, they do not remain in place for long.

This does not stop Kulthis's minions from attempting to spread the word of their lord, nor from attempts to conquer lands near the empire of Lokatar. His priests and templars are in constant war with Antagil to the west, and with Ardun to the east, and they are forever devising ways into other realms, Ophir, Crescent, Ishikawa, Korum, and the undersea kingdoms. It is said that among the minions of evil, Kulthis's are the strongest, for their faith empowers them with various abilities concerned with elemental darkness as well as granting them the ability to manipulate the souls of their victims.