Religion - Oneirion

Name................ Oneirion
Association......... God of Magic
Realms/Patronage.... Magic, Spells, and Arcane Lore
Symbols and Signs... Seven Spheres
Animal or Avatar.... Scarab
Ethos............... Neutral
Alignment........... Neutral

Very little is known of Oneirion, god of magic, and what few things are known tend to be unreliable at best. Like Anue, god of the seas, Oneirion spends much of his time apart from his brethren, cool to their overtures and indifferent to their troubles. He is a consummate encyclopedist, driven to find new inventions and new means of manipulating Nature and Her attributes. Oneirion also is credited with bringing magic to the Nurtar, whom they have linked with spells and arcane lore ever since.

Oneirion's faith is spread as far as the reach of spellcasters, but there are very few known places of worship dedicated to the god. One such place is the temple at Ophir, where many of Ayreon's most powerful sorcerers practice their art. A few other shrines are known, in Crescent, in Ardun, and in Oceanus, and at least one city, Korum, actively prohibits the establishment of any monument to the god.

Priests of Oneirion are almost indistinguishable from practioners of more mundane magicks. Except for a few divine spells accessible by priests alone, they in many ways act and cast as battlemages do. For this reason, it is difficult to assess the extent of Oneirion's priesthood. They are not prone to proselytizing as Shorkam's or Sscis's followers might, and prefer the life of research over the tediousness of bringing new blood into the fold.