Religion - Sscis

Name................ Sscis
Association......... God of Murder and Intrigue
Realms/Patronage.... Darkness, Shadows, Killing
Symbols and Signs... A bloody dagger
Animal or Avatar.... Cobra (sometimes scorpion)
Ethos............... Neutral
Alignment........... Evil

The God Who Lurks in the Shadows, Sscis is evil most feared in the realms. For unlike his father, Kulthis, who makes a show of force in his spread of Darkness, Sscis stays in the shadows, skulking, waiting, finding the most opportune moment to strike and gain victory over his foes. His goal is, like that of his father, world domination, though in a manner that would reflect all that Sscis finds appealing, a ruthless order kept in place by intrigue and assassination.

Temples to Sscis are virtually unknown to most of the world, as befits the god's image. There is a lonely exception, however, deep in the jungles of southwest Aurion, where the city of Djakarta is ruled by Sscis's priests with an iron fist. From here it is believed they launch their secretive missions to other parts of the continent, slowly taking up positions of power and trust within the ranks of government, biding their time until the call is sent forth to strike.

The priesthood of Sscis is rank-and-file, rumored to be headed by an All- Father of Pain and his Inner Circle: however, as no Sscisian priest is ever open about his or her association with the religion, the truth of this tale is difficult to establish. There is no known effort by the priesthood to expand the faith through proletyzation. On the other hand, as Judges and others who investigate such matters can attest, the priests do keep their eyes out for useful recruits, and if satisfied with a potential student, do their best -- or worst -- to bring the body into the fold.