Religion - Anue

Name................ Anue
Association......... God of the Seas
Realms/Patronage.... Seas, Storms, Chaotic Nature
Symbols and Signs... Seadragon
Animal or Avatar.... Seadragon
Ethos............... Chaotic
Alignment........... Neutral

Anue is god of the seas and waters of the world. Among the Areldur, he is the most chaotic, and prefers to remain aloof in the affairs of his equals. He spends his days in the dark of the oceans, among the luminous fishes and corals, enjoying his solitude and the occasional company of his worshippers there.

Temples to the god are found primarily along the coastlines and under the surface of Ayreon's seas. Virtually all denizens of the deep worship Anue, with the exception of the Atlanteans, a race nearly wiped out by the deity in ages past. He is especially popular with fishermen and pearl divers and anyone who lives off the bounties of the oceans.

Anue's priests, below sea and above, are known for their control of water and water-related elements, like storms and healing. They emulate their god in many ways, being very reserved in their persons, unwilling much of the time to involve themselves in matters of the world. Once engaged, however, they are difficult to hold back, and oftentimes will not stop until their opposition is destroyed.