Religion - Shorkam

Name................ Shorkam
Association......... God of Fire and Vengeance 
Realms/Patronage.... Revenge, Rebirth, Fire
Symbols and Signs... A burning hammer
Animal or Avatar.... Phoenix
Ethos............... Chaotic
Alignment........... Good

Long ago, before the ages of his long disappearance, Shorkam was the embodiment of Light in the world, whose skin radiated with the luminosity of a thousand suns and whose face defined the very nature of Beauty. Those times were before the Long Night, and the Great Cataclysm, and his millenia- long exile has worn deep on the god. For while his triumphant return to the world was cause for jubilation and cheer by many, some think (and perhaps wish) it were better that the Phoenix had not returned, for his vengeance, and that of his followers, is so frought with rage that in their blindness they sometimes turn on friends and allies.

Shorkam remains a popular god with those who seek vengeance upon the minions of Kulthis and Sscis. Shrines and other places of worship dedicated to Shorkam are found all over the continent, though it is in Antagil and the nearby countryside where his following is greatest. It is here, also, that he and his followers make their greatest stand against the god's cursed mortal enemy, Kulthis.

Shorkam's priesthood is very active in spreading the word of their god, and are not above discrediting other gods, even those of Light, to increase their numbers. They are a mighty force to contend with, as individuals and as groups, and call upon the power of the sun to burn away the sins of their opponents. Shorkam's minions are enthusiastic in their pursuit of evil and will use their powers to stop and destroy the wicked wherever it might hide. This intense eagerness to battle Kulthis and his spawn borders on fanaticism, and not too few times have they crossed paths with other forces of the Light, to cause pain and misery among those who would be their allies.