Religion - Wyome

Name................ Wyome
Association......... Goddess of Nature
Realms/Patronage.... Life, esp. the flora and fauna of the world
Symbols and Signs... The World Tree, sometimes ivy
Animal or Avatar.... Deer
Ethos............... Neutral
Alignment........... Neutral

Wyome opened her eyes to a world bereft of organism -- full of potential, but empty of growth. Driven by an unfathomed desire to create and explore, the goddess travelled the span of the world breathing new life into what once was lifeless. Today, insects, arachnids, invertebrates, plants, fungi, reptiles, mammals and all manner of life call her 'Mother', and no manner of natural thing beneath the sun would dare harm Wyome or allow her to come to harm.

Wyome represents all things wild and untamed, and her holy places reflect the same. Forests, plains, mountains, deserts, seacoasts, many are Wyome's sanctuaries among the uncivilized parts of the world. If a city or township does maintain a shrine to her, they are careful to place it within a square of wilderness, a park or grove, lest they incur the wrath of the goddess.

Wyome holds no close association with any of the gods, save perhaps for Anue, ruler of seas and storms. Her most devout followers are like her in this respect, oftentimes shying away from 'civilized' areas to live in the forests and wilds which she calls home. Her priests are imbued with great powers to defend and spread her home, and if in cities will oftentimes be in the employment of parks, gardens, and zoos. (Although the keepers might wake one day to find the cages empty and their hired hands gone with the rest of the animals....)